Aeon Physical Therapy

Choose better health. Choose Aeon.  

Why therapy? 

Physical and occupational therapists treat pain and disability through exercises, hands-on care, and patient education.  By increasing physical activity, you can lower the risk of other chronic illnesses.  

We treat a variety of conditions including-

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Neck/back pain
Low back pain/ pelvic pain
Parkinson's Disease 
Sports injuries Sprains/ strains
Trigger finger
And more 

What are patients saying about us? 

"The clinic is very clean and the therapist is professional.  I like how they run the clinic, really punctual."   J. Yang 

"My insurance does not cover physical therapy here but I do not want to go somewhere else because I like hands-on treatment so they gave me a discount cash package. My knee is so much better now. The therapists here are wonderful!” Y. Xia

“My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore after doing the exercises they gave me. Thank you!”  J. Perez 

Aeon Physical Therapy

175 W. La Verne Ave., #B,  Pomona, CA 91767
Phone: (909) 741-7690 Fax: (844) 309-1345
Email: [email protected]